Personal Story Time: Postcards That Made People Happy

A while ago my mother sent me a picture of a postcard I sent her when I was in grade school, off to an excursion with my class. She used her phone to make the picture; after all, this is the digital era. But the original postcard was the classic one made out of thicker paper, with a postage stamp in the top right corner. The reason this piece of paper survived the last two decades is because of the following text:


postcards-appMom and Dad,

I wish you all the best, I’ll come back soon, and I wish you two don’t fight and don’t have any problems.

Your son is writing this

The card is so funny and breathtakingly honest at the same time that the recipients obviously couldn’t part with it. And now it serves as memento more precious than most other objects that survived through the years.

Types of Postcards and Why We Should Keep Sending Them

As I mentioned in earlier articles, the tradition of sending physical postcards and greeting cards via snail mail is dying out, but e-cards are successfully resuming their place. There is a variety of ways you can create personalized e-cards and send them to special people in your life, so there’s no excuse not to continue the tradition albeit in a slightly different, digitized form.  Here are a few reason for that.

  1. They are records of past times with a huge sentimental value
  2. They are reminders of something important we may have forgotten
  3. They keep us linked to people far away
  4. Sometimes they express emotions better than an expensive gift or clumsy spoken words

I snooped around on Quora where people often have interesting questions and answers, and I found three beautiful accounts of people who cite the most memorable cards they received in their lives:

1) Monica Breton loves a card her father sent her when she started college: “You made it happen! Remember what got you there. You have the tools, smarts and fashion sense. Love, your proud dad.”

2) Kayla Reid received a card from someone who knew what her favorite novel was and quoted this line: “She would defend herself, saying that love, no matter what else it might be, was a natural talent. She would say: You are either born knowing how, or you never know.”

3) Ann Litz’s husbands signs every card he’s been giving her for twenty years with two perfect words: “Peace and magic.”

As you can see, a few words is all it takes to make something timeless.

I also found this wonderful article about a cancer patient who started designing cards she wishes her friends and family sent her when she was ill, such as this empathy card with a message: “I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch. I didn’t know what to say”. When a tragic thing happens to someone you love, the loss of words is not an uncommon thing, but appropriate cards can help you find words and help a friend in need.

For all these reasons you should get into the habit of reminding people you love them by sending them different cards for different occasions. Some of the categories you can start your search with are:

  • Holiday cards
  • Birthday cards
  • Wedding cards
  • Anniversary cards
  • Empathy cards
  • Humor cards
  • Love cards


It’s so easy to make someone smile, we at Cherami Cards wonder why people don’t do it every day!


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