Cherami’s Love Horoscope for 2017

Disclaimer: The following love horoscope is not a work of a professional astrologer. It’s a compilation of 2017 predictions for each Zodiac sign that we found on the Internet. Subtle humor and Cherami Cards team’s warm wishes for our readers’ well-being have been inserted into the predictions.



Congrats, Aries! Your adventurous nature will finally get you where you want to be: in a stable, but dynamic relationship. If you’re already in a relationship, this will be a year of surprises for you as a couple. You’ll discover things about yourself and your partner you never suspected, and you’ll be pleased to hear that they are all good things. You’ll be doing fun, crazy, amazing things that fall into either of these two categories: adrenaline sports, or ultimate stand-up comedy. Single Aries will meet a person that will take them to new heights. Stumbling blocks: jealousy. Learn to control it!
Easy, Taurus! Don’t get carried away. It’s only love you’ll be struggling with this year, nothing more serious than that. Have faith that your good-natured charm and patience will prevail when it comes to battling an opponent for the love of your life. Solitary Taurus will fall so much in love, they’ll lose balance for a while. Try to enjoy the feeling, if you can. Attached Taurus will have some unnerving issues with a partner who’s a bit too flirty, but do take our advice: keep it cool. Play hard to get. Show that YOU should be fought for, not the other way around.

You can talk your way out of almost anything, Gemini, but 2017 will prove to be a tough cookie even for you. The number of romantic opportunities will so overwhelm you, that for the first time in years your friends and family will see you speechless. If you’re already in a relationship, this will be the year you test your faithfulness. If you’re single, you’ll have lots of work to do! So many dates, so many potential lovers to evaluate… We wouldn’t want to be in your shoes!


Imagine this scenario: you’re walking down the street, a strong wind starts to blow and a piece of paper smacks you right in the face. Don’t panic. Don’t let the paper get away. Put it in your pocket and read it somewhere where it’s quiet and less windy. This paper will help you set your love life on its proper course, finally. Don’t get discouraged if the words are in some foreign language. Put an effort into deciphering what destiny is trying to communicate. Energetically accept love challenges that come your way!

2017 will be all about chase for you, Leo. It will either be you chasing someone, or someone will be chasing you. No doubt this is a good exercise and will keep you in excellent shape and health, but you have to wonder: when will the chase be over? Even energetic people like yourself need some rest. The good news is that something magical will happen to Leo’s during the summer. For the emotionally unavailable, it will be a fling to remember. For emotionally available, it will be a romance that could turn into something beautiful and lasting. Have fun chasing!
You’re hard to get to, Virgo, but once you give someone a chance – they’ll realize you’re worth the effort. Single Virgos may be tempted to outdo it. Too much modesty, perfectionism and being harsh on yourself (and others) can have a happy ending only in fairytales. So, let 2017 be the year of change for you. Go crazy! Test your boundaries! Have fun! Date people! Of course, some things are not negotiable, so if it comes to drugs – turn your back on them. But when it comes to romance – most certainly say YES. Love is the best drug anyway.

You flirtatious Libra, you! No harm in little flirting, but the way you do it might get you in trouble. Control your fantastically charming persona around your friends’ partners; otherwise, the year of 2017 might turn out to be the year of broken friendships for you. This spring looks promising as far as relationships go. If you’re already in one, you’ll stay in it, despite your provocative behavior. If you’re single, behold! April and October look especially interesting in terms of meeting new, exciting people. Helpful love tips: avoid arguing about Trump, and saying that today’s kids are too spoiled.


Take a deep breath, Scorpio. As exciting, passionate, and a bit too possessive as you are, potential lovers have a hard time keeping up with you. It’s time to reflect on what you want: a steady partner, someone to have fun with, or a solitary year where you’ll focus on career and intellectual achievements. You can’t have all three at once. Alright, you can have two out of these three. And one more thing: someone might start a gossip about you that will do you harm. Consult your magic 8-ball to figure out how to solve this problem.

Oh, you foolishly optimistic Sagittarius. You think you can win them all, don’t you? You usually do win people over with your magnetic charisma and catchy sense of humor. But there are some cunning Zodiac signs that know just how to deal with you. Watch out for Libra. They have an eye out for you. It might turn out romantic, but if we trust the stars, it’s more likely you’ll end up with a broken heart… ouch! Our advice: whenever you meet someone new, first ask them what their horoscope sign is. If it’s Libra – run!!!
You, who’ve always been reasonable, rational, patient and stable… it’s time to experience a feeling of rapture of the wildest kind! There’s nothing you can do about it – it’s in the stars! You’ll fall for someone so outrageously unusual that you’ll start making decisions in your life like never before. Who’s that impulsive, wildly fun, completely unpredictable person? People will wonder. Who’s that person with eyes glowing from love? That will be you, Capricorn! Enjoy 2017, if you get to the end of it alive and sane. Ha, just kidding! You’ll have fun, don’t worry.

The trouble with you, Aquarius, is that you’re too kind. You see the good in everyone. Of course, that’s a beautiful trait, but also dangerous. Everyone can win your trust easily. Well, this is the year of change. You’ll walk a thorny path of love, lust, deceit and betrayal, but in the end you’ll learn how to make people work hard for your trust and affection. And best of all, after 2017 is over, you’ll have a decent amount of material for a best-selling romance novel!


The stars are showing the following in 2017: beautiful boy/girl with shiny hair and eyes that make you shiver. Romantic sunset strolls on exotic beaches of South America. Perhaps a wedding ring, maybe even a baby! Lots of kissing and hugging. But you know what, Pisces? Your imagination is running wild AGAIN! If you want this year to be the most romantic ever, you have to stop daydreaming so much and start acting. Go to parties, socialize, give people who are interested in you a chance. By the end of 2017, you might get all of what the stars are projecting.


All love horoscope sign images have been designed using our free online card maker.

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