Make This Christmas Season Memorable with Cherami’s Holiday Cards

Happy times ahead of us! It’s just a few days till Christmas, and if you’re among a few billion people celebrating this popular holiday, you’re probably already in the “excitement mode”. But if you still haven’t decorated your home, prepared gifts, sent out holiday cards and started cooking delicious food, that means you’ve been very busy with work this year, right? That’s something that Santa Claus will have to reward by all means. However, even the diligent Santa doesn’t like when people get overworked. You know what they say about too much work and no play.

So, to make yourself and others around you happy, head out of your working area (even if it’s just your laptop) and start enjoying the Christmas season right away! Go shopping for presents, or even better, make them yourself. There are plenty of tutorials online for easy gift making. That doesn’t have to be anything time-consuming and elaborate. It can even be a silly hand drawing or a poem written on a piece of paper yellowed with a lighter to make it look ancient and important.

Don’t Forget Holiday Cards!

We’re sure you already have ideas for your Christmas menu or what to bring with yourself if you’re traveling to your family or friend’s house for the holiday weekend. What you might have forgotten this year is something that people have, regretfully, been forgetting more and more as the years go by: greeting cards. Don’t be like THEM, the busy majority who rushes through life forgetting the valuable stuff around us. Though a greeting card might not be a value in itself, it’s a symbol of friendship, warmth, tradition, close ties. Keep nurturing traditions that help people maintain warm relationships.

A Few Steps to Making Someone Happy

Since the time is very limited, you probably won’t be able to go traditional all the way and send a real-life, snail-mail card to your loved ones this time, but Cherami Cards is here to help you out with an alternative solution. This online cards maker is so easy to use, you can create a Christmas card in no time, which is basically about how much time you have at this point. What we mean to say is: there’s no time to waste! Head over to Cherami Cards main page and just follow the super user-friendly interface.

Pick your card’s shape, choose additional designs such as border, background and illustration, and if you need some other Christmas-themed main graphic, explore some free photo sharing platforms where you can download really cool images. To use those downloaded images, you’ll need to register an account with Cherami Cards, but that’s completely free and a very quick process.

Then you’ll be able to do the following: click on the Media button on the design options wheel, then click on the Upload Image, and then click on the image on your computer to insert it into your card. This is exactly what we’ve done using Pixabay, and see how nicely our card turned out at the beginning of this article!

Using appropriate buttons for sharing your design, you can either share it on social media or, even better, send it via email to someone you care about. Make your loved ones happy this Christmas season! And treat yourself to a few creative, relaxing minutes while designing the cards. Small happy moments are what happiness is all about.


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