More Greeting Cards Design Tips: From Traditional to Digital

To compensate for cold weather, people have fortunately thought of the holiday season. So now, instead of moping around because of cold rains, harsh winds and huge piles of snow, we have the ultra-fun Halloween, warm Thanksgiving, sparkling Hanukkah, gift-giving Christmas and other holidays to look forward to.

Besides observing these holidays the traditional way and reinserting the values they promote, many people love them because of free days from work, delicious food, getting together with dear friends and family, and receiving presents in some cases. Another sweet detail that comes with the holiday season is – sending greeting cards. Until a few decades ago sending paper postcards was a big thing. You’d go out one morning, look inside your mailbox and find a nice-looking card with a few words written inside that brighten up the whole day for you.

As the digital technologies and the Internet advanced, paper cards were replaced by digital ones, so today people create cards online and send them faster than any postal service could. Today we’re all about speed and practicality, but also creativity.

So, if you’re thinking of making someone happy with nicely decorated greeting cards these upcoming holidays, here are a few of the most popular methods to design them.

The Old-Fashioned Way: Paper and Art Supplies

Nothing beats working with your hands the old-fashioned way if you’re stressed from work or other life challenges. So, creating a card from scratch offline will not only be a way to make someone happy, but also a way to relax and de-stress. All you need in order to successfully realize this project are some art supplies, such as: paper, cardboard, water paint, pencil colors, markers, glitter, glue, decorative napkins, scraps from magazines or other paper products, etc.

Be creative. Cut the paper in some unusual shape, cut out letters from different colored papers and glue the message to your card. Make the card shiny with sparkles and glitter, add feathers and anything interesting you can find in your house. Turn on some music and fully enjoy this creative workshop. The more you put yourself into it, the more your love will emanate from the card.


Reserved for Pros: Photoshop

If you’re a savvy Photoshop user, you’ve no worries. This is a powerful software tool that most professional graphic designers use and they can make wonders with it. A simple greeting card would be a piece of cake for a Photoshop designer. But even if you’re not familiar with this tool, there are many very easy to follow tutorials on YouTube that can help you out. If you’ve ever used any other software, such as Office programs for example, you shouldn’t have trouble following a simple tutorial for this program.

If you’re persistent to master Photoshop, you could end up with elaborate designs that you can either save digitally and send via email, or you can print the card out and send it the traditional way. Just note that Adobe Photoshop is an expensive program, so if you want to use it just for this occasion, maybe you can look for a friend who already has it installed.


Musically Fun: JibJab

JibJab is definitely one of the funnest card-making websites out there. They started out as a free platform for sending musical cards, but now, with so many elaborate and advanced video cards they are offering, users have to pay an $18 annual fee. The process of creating a musical video card is very simple. You need to prepare a set of photos of your friends or family, and then pick a video you like from JibJab website.

The videos usually present several characters who sing and dance in a funny way, and many of the videos are thematic: disco, office party, Halloween dance, Mexican dance, etc. So you upload a photo of your friend and crop their head so that it fits into the JibJab dancing character, and when you finish with the upload, you get your whole family or a group of friends making funny dance movements and opening their mouths to sing like South Park characters. If you’ve got some money to spare, try it out!


Personalized and Easy: Cherami’s Greeting Cards

Last but not least, we’re recommending our Cherami Cards as the best way to create a personalized e-card without any prior design expertise or spending any money. It’s a recently launched e-card design platform that offers many neat card making elements. Users can choose from a set of card shapes, then select predefined backgrounds and ribbons, add graphics from our gallery of illustrations or upload any image they want from their computer. The upload option allows them to create a totally unique card. Finally, users can go to the Text option and write nice, loving words to make the card perfect. The card can then be downloaded on a computer and printed out, or shared on social networks, sent via email, etc.

Hopefully these creative card making apps and methods will help you enjoy this holiday season to the fullest!

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