History of Love Notes – From Paper Letters to Personalized Online Cards

The human need to communicate is as old as humans themselves, but it’s taken them hundreds of thousands of years to invent putting the verbal into writing. We won’t go so far into history to explore the first written documents in stone and clay, because those documents mostly had a practical purpose – to list items for sale and communicate with traders, express religious beliefs and devotion to deities, record information about the lives of the people in those times, etc.

However, this is also the period when first pieces of literature were conceived, including love poetry. Though romance as a concept originated much later, it appears that people had the need to express love in written form very early on. First love letters were documented a few thousand years before one of the greatest poets, Ovid, started writing his famous love poems. Over time, love letter writing evolved and, thanks to technology, today we have a very handy invention – personalized online cards.

Love Powered by Danger and Secrecy

We’ll fast forward to modern times, when great historical figures such as Beethoven, Napoleon, Lord Byron, Goethe, Tolstoy and many others left some of the most remarkable love notes for their loved ones, but also for future generations to study and marvel at them. In those examples we can see fatalistic ideas, such as not being able to live without a loved one, and we can recognize them in many popular works of art, from Shakespeare, through Romanticism, to the 20th century.

Love letters were popular in European courts, and they were especially intense when written in secret. One of the best movies about writing secret love letters is Dangerous Liaisons, based on an 18-century French novel (which consists of letters in its entirety). It depicts the power of the written word and how it can inspire us to love, but also how it can lead us to death. Whoever underestimates the power of a love letter should do some research on how easily lives were taken because of them.

Advantages of the New Form of Letter Writing

Letter writing was a popular form of communication for a very long time. Even some of us can remember the time when writing letters to friends and lovers was a common practice. However, as much as we think of those times with nostalgia, we’ve let another form of written expression to take over: digital correspondence. But when you take into consideration all the advantages of sending e-mails and e-cards, you’ll see that there’s nothing to lament about. Being able to quickly craft a loving message, include a fun visual element with words, and send it instantly is a huge plus in today’s face-paced society.

What’s more, you can make today’s popular online cards resemble any style you like. So, if you’re feeling nostalgic about the good old letter-writing times, you can make your e-card resemble a piece of paper. Or even better, you can even write out a love note on a real piece of paper in your authentic handwriting, take a photo of it with your phone, and then upload the image in a tool such as online cards maker, to send it instantly to someone who’s dying to hear from you.

In conclusion, we’d like to emphasize the importance of embracing technology and making the most of it. Regardless of the direction in which progress takes us, we’ll always have the basic human need to feel and express love.

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