Mix Love and Terror in a Crafty Halloween Card for Your Loved One

According to certain polls in the US, Halloween seems to be at the very top of the Americans’ favorite holidays list. For kids it might even be number one, due to all the candy they get to collect while trick or treating. Halloween is certainly the most unusual holiday because of all the wacky costumes people get to wear on October 31. You can look as silly as you want on that day which, combined with all the candy we mentioned plus a fun Halloween card you can create for someone special, certainly makes it a day to enjoy.

Of course, there’s another interesting element to Halloween – the scare factor. Since it’s believed that Halloween originally grew from a Celtic tradition to dress up in costumes to ward off roaming ghosts that want to inhabit the living bodies, it’s only natural that this holiday would be all about parading as scary creatures.

Apart from having fun choosing a costume, competing to carve the best jack-o’-lantern, making delicious appetizers and cookies in the shape of bats and ghosts, and decorating the home to make it spooky, there’s one more thing people love to do for Halloween – send original, pranky online cards! People send them to invite friends to a party, to wish them a fun Halloween, or to spook someone they care about in a jokey way. Free e-card makers such as Cherami Cards is perfect for such purposes.

So, if you would like to make someone’s Halloween start with a quickening of the heart and a smile, here’s what you should do:

Step one. Go to Cherami Cards.

Step two. Click on any of the shapes you see on the left. The one you choose will be your Halloween card’s shape.

cherami bottle

Step three. Go to the Border section by clicking on it on the design elements wheel above card shapes. Choose a border for your card, if you’d like one. Then do the same with Background options.

cherami bottle

We now have this neat red background that can either symbolize something scary (blood?), or love.

Step four. You can go to the Graphics section to choose from a gallery of template illustrations. Currently Cherami offers only graphics about love, so if your intention is to make someone feel loved on Halloween without scaring them, then certainly choose any of the cute drawings (heart, love elephant, love turtles, etc.).

cherami bottle

Step five. However, if your goal is to succumb to the spooky Halloween mood (and take someone special with you), then your best option is to click on the Media tab on the wheel. Click on Upload image and then choose from any Halloween-appropriate image you have on your computer. You can find a lot of nice images for any occasion on free photo sharing platforms such as Pixabay, for example.

cherami bottle

Step six. Finally, add appropriate text by clicking on the Text option and playing with this category’s features.

cherami bottle

So, in less than five minutes, you can create a stylish and unique e-card for Halloween that will show your special someone they’re not alone on the night of the ghosts, vampires, ghouls and other eerie creatures of the night. Try out Cherami Cards, and have a spectacular Halloween!

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