4 Romantic Movies That Will Inspire You to Make the Best Love eCards

Some of the most popular and cited romantic movies ever are Pretty Woman, Sleepless in Seattle, Say Anything, French Kiss, Notting Hill, The Notebook, Ghost, as well as Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Casablanca, Love Story, and some other movies of the previous decades. And though we agree that these rightfully belong to the very top of the romantic movie genre, today we’ll talk about four movies that do not so commonly make it in “the best of romance films” articles.

So, why do we choose to talk about these less known flicks, if we mean to inspire you to make the BEST love ecards on the planet? The reason is quite simple. Cards and letters have a very special role in each of the following movies, so today we’ll use these fun examples to discuss the importance of the written word on paper, and how it can inspire love and bring people together.

Mamma Mia!

This is the story of a young girl, Sophie, who lives a carefree life on a beautiful Greek island with her mom, and is about to be married. Ever since she started dreaming about marriage (as many girls do from the moment they start playing with dolls), she had one grand wish: to have her father walk her down the aisle. But the problem is – she doesn’t know who her father is and her mom is very secretive about it. Sophie thus resorts to spying and deception: she reads her mom’s diary in secret, finds out who her mother was involved with in the past, and writes three letters to three potential dads inviting them to her own wedding, which causes a big mess for all involved. But if you watch the movie until the end (and you most certainly will, because it is so uplifting), you’ll see the true power of the written words and how they helped make everyone’s life perfect.

Letters to Juliet

It’s interesting to note that the same actress who plays in Mamma Mia! also stars in this movie, and her name is again Sophie. There must be some secret connection between this name and letter writing. But even if your name is not Sophie, don’t turn your back on letters and cards. Sometimes they are the best way to express emotions and even find your true love, as you can see from this movie. Sophie goes on a supposedly romantic trip to Verona with her always busy fiance, and while inspecting a wall where heart-broken people leave letters to Shakespeare’s Juliet, she discovers a beautiful love note written some 50 years ago by a woman named Claire. The beauty of the letter inspires Sophie to write back to Claire, and this sets a number of emotional (rather than rational) actions in motion, which result in both Sophie and Claire finding the loves of their lives.

Message in a Bottle

Women today often complain that all the romantic men have disappeared. So, when a man does something even remotely romantic, like place a letter full of love, apology and remorse in a bottle and sends it on its fated course in the sea (as Kevin Costner’s character in this movie does), women are bound to gasp in awe and immediately publish the gesture as major news. But that’s not enough. The beautiful journalist who discovered the love note, Theresa, will not find peace until she tracks down the romantic author of the message in the bottle. From then on, we can pretty much guess what happens, right? Once again love is brought on by words.

P.S I Love You

Though the main premise of this movie is a bit morbid, it somehow manages to make us experience only the full power of true, unselfish love. Holly, the main character, experiences deep sorrow when her loving husband dies, and similarly to most people in such situations, she thinks she’ll never be able to go on living a normal, happy life. But on the day of her 30th birthday she receives a letter from her now passed husband, and needless to say, she’s in shock. Soon it turns out he prepared a bunch of these beautiful notes in advance, when he knew he was dying, in order to prepare her for the life without him. So, with the help of letters that keep popping up, he helps her let go of him and rediscover new life (including the possibility of new love). A pretty creative, non-standard and loving way to use letters!

Though the catalyst for action in all of these movies are paper letters, there’s no need to shy away from the inevitable: the fact that we’re turning to digital in all spheres of our lives. And though our emotions will never be digitized, we should certainly use all the help we can get online to inspire deep emotions and get to those we love. Hence, watch these recommendations we prepared for you today, and then head over to Cherami Cards with all the creativity and emotion you’ve got!

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