5 Inspirational Pinterest Boards on Love and Romance

We’ve mastered the technical part – learning how to create an e-card using Cherami Cards. Now we’re faced with the more difficult part of the process. It’s one thing to click on design options without thinking much about it, and it’s something else having a vision about what the card should look like, and striving to make it as beautiful and meaningful as possible. For that we need creativity and inspiration.

Sometimes inspiration shows up “out of the blue”, and the result of our work comes as a surprise even to us. Sometimes the person we are thinking about when we’re creating is enough to bring out the artist in us. But sometimes we need a different kind of inspiration. We need practical ideas or just to take a peek at how others do it, so that we can build off an already existing project. This is particularly the case when we’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to let our creativity follow its natural path.

So, what’s a really good place to look for visual prompts and ideas on love and romance? There are many interesting places for that, but today let’s focus on Pinterest boards. The platform is so packed with amazing ideas and visually stimulating images that you simply have to find what you’re looking for there.

So, we did some research and came up with the following inspirational Pinterest boards that could help Cherami users create even lovelier love cards. Follow along.


This lady has 4.4 K pins and over fifty thousand followers, so she must be doing something right. The interesting thing about this love board is that it’s mostly made up of quotes. So, if you’re out of ideas on what to write to your special someone, you can take your pick among Annie’s creations. Not all of them are on love, so read patiently.

everything is love


There are not that many pins here, but they are carefully selected and focused on romance. Some textual examples are: “So many smiles begin with you” or “Consider this a virtual hug,” but the real treat is to take a look at these pins, because they are visually appealing.

you me love


Mrs. Lilien’s love board is a powerful visual ode to love in all its forms, including love towards oneself. Here you’ll find: 1) black cats, 2) fun quotes, 3) quotes that are meant to nurture, empower and give us a confidence boost, and interestingly, 4) lots of illustrations of flamingoes. Now, that’s a graceful animal that would certainly look good in an e-card.



If you’re looking for inspiration in simplicity, sincerity and poetic expressions, this is your board. It mostly consists of beautiful love words, but an occasional kiss, handshake and similar images of affection can also be found.

i love us


And now, something a little different. This is a collection of paintings from the Metropolitan Museum that focuses on love. As they claim, you’ll be able to find all kinds of depictions of love and romance in this board, “from flirtatious couples to the joys of motherhood”. If art can’t inspire, what can?


Hopefully this will be enough of a start until your own muses decide to wake up. Have fun exploring Pinterest boards and creating Cherami cards, and before you know it, we’ll be back with more fun suggestions for projects and inspiration!

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