Awake the Designer in You: More Design Tips for Working with Cherami

Creativity Card

Assuming you had enough time to read our step-by-step guide to using Cherami and play with the app, we’re ready to move on to more advanced design tips that will push your romance forward better than any Cyrano de Bergerac could.

You got down the basics: how to select a love card shape, background, border, graphic, how to upload an image and how to write your heartfelt note. Though not all of these steps are necessary, using most of them will make your ecard look more elaborate and give the impression that some serious effort and lots of time were put into crafting it. However, if we can personify Cherami for a second, we’ll say that it hides a few more interesting aces up its sleeves. For example, we only brushed upon borders, backgrounds, graphics and font in our initial tutorial. Now let’s see how to work with these elements with more skill and precision.

Let’s say you want to create an ecard that has an irregular shape similar to the circle:

cherami shape

  • This looks like something out of space, and though love sometimes feels like that as well, we don’t really want our love card to remain so undefined. So, we resort to borders and backgrounds to come up with something like this perhaps:

cherami shape with border

Maybe the coloring or patterns aren’t quite what we want, so we can tweak these two elements a bit more.

Now’s the time to focus on the two main elements: words and pictures. Which is more important? Did we already have this discussion, or am I just thinking of the movie Words and Pictures, where a painter and a writer go to war over this crucial dilemma (and in the meantime fall in love)? If I remember correctly, they conclude that both matter, so in line with that, we should pay attention to making the best of both features. Let’s start with some soulful writing.

cherami fonts

Maybe you can be more inventive than me and go with something less “pink” than “Each day is a dream when you’re with me,” but I’ll leave creativity to you. Today we’re dealing with technicalities.

So, you have your text but it looks quite plain. First go through available fonts and choose the one you like the most. Next, check out what it looks like when you click on the Italic, Bold or Shadow option. You can also click on Border and then choose the width of your text border. The larger number you choose, the less you’ll be able to see the color that you chose for your font, so make sure you don’t overdo any of these text effects.

Finally, choose the graphic (as you already know how) and use the resize and reposition arrow to find its right place and size. You can also use the Send to Back option to position the graphic behind your text.

cherami wheel

At the moment we’re looking at something like this:

cherami card

Now, click on the Save button and get ready to share the card with your loved one via email, or to post it on social media for everyone to see and like. Just make sure you create an account with Cherami first.

cherami share

Now that we’ve given away all design tricks, we expect to see some awesome love cards circulating the social media scene. You can also send us your designs privately, and we’ll share the most interesting ones in some of our future posts!

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