Show Your Love with Cherami’s Love Cards

How do you show affection to the people you care about – your partner, child, friend or family member? Do you buy them expensive gifts? Treat them to fancy dinners? Or, are you the type of person who knows no expensive gift can make up for the time not spent with someone you love, and you feel guilty about not being able to do more?

Well, there is a way to be with someone and show that you care even if you’re not physically present. And we don’t mean social media, because that phenomenon is slowly turning into its opposite – a way to feel even lonelier when it’s so easy to “connect”.

We mean the traditional gestures of showing affection, but dressed in modern suite – cards! And not just any old cards, but love cards created by your Cherami pals.

Custom Love Cards Diffused with Love and Friendship

“Cherami” in the language of love means “Dear friend”, and so the card making app that we’re launching is imbued with a sense of love and friendship that we want to extend to everyone who uses this tool. What’s so special about this tool that would make you skip a fancy dinner and stay in, only to create a love card? So glad you asked!

Cherami Cards Creator is one of those apps that remind you that love and happiness are in little things. Warm words and images carefully laid out on a love card are worth more than a pricey gift bought in haste. So we hope you’ll surprise your loved one today with a card created with Cherami. Head over to the tool and check out all the free options that are available to you:

  • Regular or romantic (heart-shaped) card templates
  • Numerous backgrounds
  • Different-colored borders
  • A variety of sweet illustrations
  • And an option to upload your chose words

If these features do not let you fully express your sentiment, you can resort to the final ace up your sleeve: an option to upload any image you want from your computer and make your card completely personal and one-of-a-kind, just like the relationship you nurture with the person for whom you are making this card.

We hope you’ll have fun using Cherami in the following days. Don’t disappear, because we’re preparing a detailed guide to using the Cherami Cards Creator very soon. Until then, play around with our app, send us words of praise or critique, and help us with suggestions on how to improve our custom cards design service so that we can more easily spread the Love.

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